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I was burning out as a food blogger. This website is the culmination of over a decade of information. Most of it was put together while I was pregnant, or had nursing babies and toddlers climbing all over me. I worked during nap times and late into the night after my kids were asleep.

I bought courses on SEO, email sequencing, course creation, web design, taking better photos, etc. I learned everything I could to make my site appealing so that hopefully ONE DAY I could “go viral” and actually make money from it.

That day never came.

I was praying for a way to make money online to ease the financial pressure we were feeling. Four young kids, a one income household, and lots of student loan debt hanging over us led to many months where I didn’t know if we would pull through.

Standing in line at the grocery store with my cart overloaded with kids and groceries almost made me panic. Would my card be declined? Had I calculated wrong? What excuse could I give if it didn’t go through? That feeling is SO raw, even years later.

We needed something.

Then I switched my shampoo.

I was the biggest skeptic of direct sales. Not even a skeptic – I was fully against it!

What I have learned is that not all companies are the same, and there truly are good opportunities out there with this business model.

Working with Monat is one of the good ones.

In 4 years I have built a team with hundreds of women going after their goals. I have a six-figure income from my phone, am driving a paid for cadillac, and have traveled all over – for free. I have to look back at my life with a telescope – that is how far I have come because I said YES. I did it shaking and scared, but I did it.

If you are ready to say yes to yourself and your family and your future – let’s link arms. Choose the success, overachiever, or optimum pack through the button below and we will get started!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! If you have more questions DM me over on IG. @simplelifebykels

I can’t wait to get to know you better!

xo Kels

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